In this current modern era internal doors do not simply serve the purpose of providing access between rooms but they have modernized with time considering the wide range of practical fixtures that suits different home interior. At Doorlux, we are the leaders in exquisite bespoke internal doors with a wide varieties of fixtures and configurations which adds and aesthetic edge to your interior design.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors comprises of a multiple connected panels hinged together which runs on a track. These are also known as Concertina doors or bi-fold doors, they can reveal an expansive space to a limited area.

Bi-folding doors fold on themselves as the panels slide along a track with the help of rollers and can be pulled to one side by using a knob. They are conveniently designed to run, slide and fold smoothly along a track.

Bi-folding doors are well-designed to not only separate two spaces but also add to the visual aesthetic. It enhances the space as it lets in a large amount of natural light into the room and are often preferred as they provide soundproofing, are weatherproof, durable and enduring. Folding doors are can be styled in myriad ways, fitting with contemporary or traditional requirements and is a great space-saving solution. 

Bi-folding doors are a great addition to any interior space as they allow maximum visibility and gives a bespoke yet modern look and feel to an interior design. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain and its great design keeps the visual clutter to a minimum when the doors are open. At Doorlux, we’re dedicated to devising practical door solutions that remain at the fore of innovation while offering precious space-saving qualities and a luxury aesthetic.  

Double Hinged Doors

Double Hinged doors are traditional internal doors styles that consists of hinges fixed to a hallway on the left as well as on the right side. Double doors are also known as French doors and relate directly to any two doors put together to form a pair.

All double doors are in our opinion one of the best ways to close off one room from another and depending on the aperture or space within the wall that you have to work with they may well require a side screen to the left, the right or both sides of the double doors, the other option is to consider using doors from our Multifold range where there are numerous folding doors as alternatives and other sizes available.

The benefits of a double hinged door or a French Door Sets is in helping prevent heat loss, their internal versions are also ideal at cutting down on the distraction of your washing machine noise traveling to your lounge if you have an open plan arrangement.

Double leaf hinged doors gives a modern look to a room and proves as magnificent yet cozy and inviting atmosphere. They can be styled for the main entrance or to separate the living room from the kitchen. 


Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are unique designs, which can be used as an entry way or a room divider, as it rotates on a pivotal system fixated to a frame. They are also referred as swinging doors as they follow a swing pattern.

In order to stabilize the door, two pivot points are placed, one at the top and one at the bottom, which allows the door to smoothly rotate. 

Pivot doors automatically add a dramatic yet aesthetic effect to the room. They create a lasting impression as they are designed in a unique and brilliant way. Pivot doors are also a practical choice because they take up less space as the door leaf reaches into both rooms. These doors pivot rather than swinging which makes it easier to open and close them.

Apart from adding a unique aesthetic look, pivot doors are self-closing which helps in reducing heat and energy costs. However, in contrast the pivot door can also easily hold itself when open, without the aid of any additional door fixtures.

Pocket Doors

A Pocket door is a type of a sliding door that when opened fully, disappears into the adjacent walls.

Pocket doors are supported with wheels that glide on a metal track and are encased in the wall opening, when fully opened. When the room doesn’t have enough space for hinged doors, pocket doors are the next best options. They are usually designed at the beginning of a house build so that the walls can be constructed according to the design.

Pocket doors are a great addition to modest and modern aesthetic designs. They can be created as single or double leaf configuration in accordance with the layout. They are practical and convenient as they can separate two rooms or join them when needed.

Pocket doors helps you make a design statement and at the same time are convenient to use as they maximize the space. At Doorlux, they are designed in accordance with the layout of the room and when designed modern materials and constructions techniques are used, which eliminates the squeaks or sounds from the door. They are also affordable and long lasting.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are panels suspended on a metal track, either above or below the door frame, which can disappear or stop parallel to a wall. They are usually aided with rollers so that they can smoothly slide over the rails and consists of stoppers at either ends.  

Sliding doors are a great alternative to hinged doors as they save space and impressively adds unique aesthetic to a room. A single panel sliding door is often preferred for smaller areas to separate it from other rooms. Whereas, double panel sliding doors are a preferred feature among open-plan spaces. These doors do not usually disappear into the wall and remain on display to showcase the unique designs and add visual aesthetic to the room

Sliding doors save up a lot of space and at the same time provide a large opening yet take up a little space. They are also efficient insulators as they can keep the room cool during the summers and warm during the winters. This is possible because they are made from wood which is a good insulator and also renewable and durable.

Sliding doors can also be made to blend with the existing interior designs as they are preferred to be on display which results in enhanced look and feel of the room.

Single Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are traditional internal doors styles that consists of hinges fixated to a door jam on either, the left or right sides, depending on the layout of the room and preferences.

Hinged doors are commonly found in homes, mostly single leaf or single door. It can blend in perfectly with the layout of the room. As a contemporary addition, double leaf (double door) hinged doors can be used for larger space and add aesthetic value to it. Such doors can enhance the look and feel of the room.

Hinged doors offer great versatility and can enhance the layout. Even though they are considered traditional, at Doorlux, we move away from traditional aspects and provide with contemporary adjustments according to the requirements.