Terms & Conditions

Important Information & Terms and Conditions

Doorlux (Doorlux, We, Us) sell our goods to you (Customer, Client, The Buyer), on the terms set out below. No other terms and conditions or contractual agreements will apply between us. No agreement is made until we are in receipt of a signed order and a deposit is received. We will not undertake any work or confirm any order with verbal instruction. Terms are set below. Failure to meet terms can result in the cancellation of an order at our discretion. Verbal abuse, harassment and unkindness to our staff can or will result in order cancellation at our discretion without any notice. The placing of an order by the customer shall indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Door Sets (Fire and Non-Fire Rated)

All door sets include, unless stated otherwise, the Door Leaf, Frame, Architrave & Ironmongery excluding Handles. Fire rated door sets FD30 & FD60 will include intumescent strips which will be machined into the door frame. Options for ironmongery i.e. Different finish hinges, concealed hinges, flush bolts can be specified if needed, all at additional cost. Frames can be made to suit wall thicknesses. Depending on specification, frames can be up to a certain thickness, if wall thickness is greater, extension pieces can be provided, at additional cost. If wall thicknesses are unable to be determined, extension pieces can also be provided to be cut down and finished on site. All door sets will arrive packaged, to be assembled on site i.e., not pre hung.

Lead Times, Delivery & Storage

The lead time for all doors will be approximately 10-12 weeks from date of order confirmation and receipt of deposit payment. If a site survey is required after the confirmation and deposit payment, the lead time will then commence once revised quotations and schedules have been confirmed. Please always verify the lead time when submitting your order. Our factory has shutdown periods during the summer/winter months & festive periods. An extra 2-4 weeks are to be allowed in summer & 2-3 weeks at the end of the year. If you want to make any changes to the specifications or schedule once the order is confirmed, this is at our discretion. Any changes could have potential costs incurred and lead times delayed.
Doorlux will arrange delivery to site. Delivery is not included in the quotes unless otherwise specified and agreed. Delivery is typically quoted and payment is required when the second half of the payment is due (Please see payment terms). When delivery is quoted, it is quoted for one attempt only. Delivery is to the roadside or to the road leading into the site, whereby no delay or issue is caused to the courier. Deliveries are mostly by pallet, so a forklift must be available to unload. If a forklift is not available, you must ensure there is or are adequate measures to manually off load the items. It is at the driver’s discretion to assist in offloading a delivery. If collection from our unit has been agreed, you must give us 48 hours adequate notice and details of whom is collecting. Doorlux will not be liable for any claims arising as a result of delayed deliveries due to strikes, material shortages, weather conditions, customs checks, damages or any other circumstances beyond our control. Examples of such circumstances, not exhausted to these examples, could be an Act of God, War, Riot, Explosion, Extreme or Abnormal Weather conditions, Fire, Food, Strike, Lockdown, Government action or regulations, delay by suppliers and manufacturers or accidents. We accept no liability if costs are incurred when tradesmen are booked by the client before receiving the goods.
We will store doors & door sets, free of charge for a maximum of 4 weeks once manufactured and arrived at our unit. Thereafter, storage costs of £5 + VAT per day per pallet will be charged.

Damages, Faulty Goods or Shortages

Damage, faulty or any shortage of goods must be reported to us within 3 days of receiving your order. All goods delivered to you are to be checked by you. You must check for any damage, observed to the packaging of the goods, visual damage to the product such as scratches, dents or chips, warping or bowing of the goods to a 5mm tolerance (higher tolerances for non-standard sizes), scratches on glass and report to us via email. You must check that the goods delivered match your order, including all sizes, specifications and quantities. Remove all packaging and check every item of goods delivered.
Submit a written claim form to us within 7 days of receiving the goods.
Goods are not to be used when damage is reported by the client. Failure to meet this term will free us from any remedial action, repair or replacement of said goods.
Failure to do so will free us from any responsibility for any damaged, faulty or shortage of goods.
Please also note that our prefinished doors and door sets should not have any visible defects when viewed in natural daylight from a distance of 1 meter or above. In rooms with no daylight, artificial light from ceiling or wall mounted fixed lights should be used and not any portable lighting equipment.
Where the customer has notified us of damaged, faulty or shortage of goods within 3 days of receiving their goods, Doorlux, at our discretion, will decide to repair or replace named goods. The lead time for named goods will be at the discretion of our manufacturer or supplier. In some circumstances, the goods will need to be returned to Doorlux and the customer will accept to provide adequate help to access the goods to be collected. Doorlux will not be held responsible for any costs incurred whilst goods are being repaired or replaced.
We cannot replace or repair any door if any alterations have been carried out by others.
Please also note, we use many natural products, grown in natural environments. Variations in tone and grain can occur in finishes with real woods. Patina can also be noticed overtime in living finishes such as Brass finishes.


No customer penalties are applicable to this agreement.
Ownership of the goods shall not pass to the Buyer until Doorlux has received in full, all sums due, in respect of the goods ordered and in respect of any other sums due from the buyer due to any other services provided or items ordered.

Additional Items

Due to the rise and fall in raw materials and manufacturing costs, additional items may incur revised costs and potentially an additional delivery charge depending on the status of the original order.

Bespoke Orders and Order Confirmation

Please check all details of our quotations are correct in their entirety. Contact us at your earliest by email or by phone if there are any corrections to be made prior to order confirmation. Once quotations are signed, returned and order is put through for production, generally all bespoke items cannot be amended or cancelled. It is at our discretion and if changes need to be made, it may incur further costs.

Primed or Unfinished Doors/Door Sets

We can supply primed or unfinished doors or sets to be finished on site by others. A Primed of Unfinished door is not a finished door and you can expect to see imperfections. Primer stops the final finish from being absorbed into the door and provides a surface for finishing. Typically, these are smooth finish doors with no grain unless otherwise specified. Typically, any primed or unfinished item will need to be caulked and or sanded. Caulk adheres better to a primed surface. All primed or unfinished surfaces would need to be sanded down and made free of lose particles before a finish is applied.
Doorlux does not guarantee the expected life of any items when ordered primed or unfinished and when finished by others on site.

Payment Terms & Refunds

The order is not scheduled into production unless a deposit is paid. 50% of the quote is to be paid upon confirmation of the order. Deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance is to be paid 15 days prior to the end of production. Orders are unable to be released for delivery to site, until the amount remaining is paid in full.
Any late payments over a period of 30 days will be subject to interest charges set out in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. This is currently a base rate of 8% from the Bank of England.
No payment shall be deemed to have been received until we have received cleared funds into our account.
The buyer will make all payments due, without deduction whether by way of retention, set-off, counterclaim, discount, abatement or otherwise.
Debts that refer to debt collection or a claims court are subject to late payment fees and interest.
Doorlux doors and door sets are made to order and therefore non-returnable and non-refundable. No credit can be given. A 50% deposit of the order value is required when confirming an order. If the order is cancelled, the deposit will be retained to contribute towards covering the costs occurred.

Care and Protection of your door’s

Every door and door set are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase against faulty goods, materials or manufacture. This is subject to the product being stored and treated within our recommendations.
Timber is naturally grown. Due to variations in humidity and temperature, it is very important, care and attention is paid where the grain is most exposed and visible. Moisture can penetrate causing swelling, splitting and warping. Open joints will occur if these are not treated correctly. Timber beading can also move slightly due to humidity and temperature levels.
If adjustments need to be made to the width or height of a door, always take equal amounts of both sides.
We cannot and will not replace or repair any door, whether faulty or not, if any alterations have been carried out by others or other tradesmen employed by the client or the buyer.
Store in a cool, dry area and keep flat. Do not store it in a room where it is newly plastered or painted. Do not store it in a room exposed to high radiator heat and other forms of direct heat. This can cause warping or bowing.
Doorlux will not accept any liability in respect of defects or damage arising from, but not limited to, fair wear and tear, misuse of goods, altered or repaired goods without prior agreement, negligence & abnormal conditions.


Installation is not included in quotes unless otherwise stated on the proforma. You must provide adequate working areas and conditions for our fitters. You will also be responsible for providing or supplying Power, Lighting and secure dry storage areas. All joinery supplies should be kept by the customer in a secure dry place. You must ensure that any item delivered which had been ordered unprimed or unfinished is finished on site prior to fitting. Doorlux accepts no responsibility if the goods are kept unfinished and changes or effects occur.
Doorlux fitters shall carry out work on a continuous basis during normal working hours. The price is fixed according to the work schedule. Doorlux reserves the right to charge extra to cover costs if any further unplanned visits are made, any time is lost due to reasons, delays in accessing site or waiting on site for other works to be completed. Doorlux reserves the right to charge extra if the site is not within reasonable distance of the site of work. Doorlux reserves the right to charge extra if our fitters are required to stay in overnight accommodation to complete the work.
Doorlux will not take away any rubbish unless otherwise agreed. Doorlux will not dispose of any existing items already fitted on site unless otherwise agreed. Doorlux fitters will only fit door sets into fully prepared openings that have all the correct tolerances, sizes and solid structures all round. If the structural openings or existing opening sizes are incorrect, not level or not finished, the customer is still liable to pay 100% of the quote for fitting. If Doorlux fitters are disrupted, denied access or denied the ability to carry out the works quoted for, the customer is liable to pay 100% of the amount quoted.
Doorlux and Doorlux fitters reserve the right to photograph the installation and goods installed. The photographs remain the property of Doorlux. Doorlux also holds the right to share the images and use the images for company literature. Any unauthorized use of pictures taken by Doorlux will constitute a breach of copyright.