Wardrobe Doors

At Doorlux, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of closed and open wardrobes with the selection of modular shelving. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our wardrobes are crafted to seamlessly integrate with your interior design, creating a harmonious living space. Elevate the look and functionality of your space by co-ordinating your wardrobes with your internal doors for a cohesive finish.

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Open and closed wardrobes

Closed wardrobes are also known as fitted or built in wardrobes. These are fully enclosed wardrobes with doors to cover the entire front surface. These wardrobed typically have hinged or sliding doors are and custom made to fit the dimensions of a living space.

Open wardrobes are also known as freestanding or standalone wardrobes. Without doors covering the inside’s, open wardrobes provide a more access and a visually open storage solution. Versatile and can be moved around or rearranged when needed offering flexibility.

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